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Designed in 1776, David Bushnell’s ‘Turtle‘ was, by definition, a “lemon”.

Yes, folks, it’s that time again. Your rumors are true: we’ve something brand new comin’ your way! The team over at Trekker’s Bar & Bottle Shop were looking to do something special for their 1st Birthday, which we of course turned down because that’s far too young to be drinking.

The pitch they had was straightforward enough: make a sour that tasted of lemon meringue pie. We discussed the recipe and how we wanted to achieve the flavor and set a brewday in the calendar. They even had a name picked out in advance, which seemed a good omen to us – everything was going smoothly.

Then the world ground to a halt.

Ever wonder why these shots show beer in the glass but the bottle is still capped?

We pressed on with the brewing at an acceptable social distance: just over 10 miles. The Trekker’s team couldn’t quite reach the equipment at that distance, so we lent them a hand.

It’s a common practice in collaboration brews for the guest to clean the mash tun of the host brewery. Since they couldn’t physically do this, we, in the spirit of collaboration, assisted by driving the grain to their place and dumping it on their doorstep. We didn’t see it in their recent pictures, so I’m guessing it worked out!


No, I absolutely will not put a quote about life giving lemons.