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We’ve joined forces with Chris of Big Smoke Cigar Co to bring you this curated selection of Cuban cigars paired with five of our beers.  The pairings cover the range from mild and traditional to bold and innovative.  A complete package will be sent to containing:

  • 5 Cuban Cigars (all tubos), vacuum sealed with a Boveda 65% RH 2-way Humidity Control (size 8)
  • 10x 330ml bottles of Mad Yank beer (2 of each pairing)
  • Mad Yank Brewery branded Pint Glass

Chris’ pairings were put together after several intensive tasting sessions with careful attention paid to the details of each flavor profile.  They include:

Comrade 2020 – Amerikanskiy Pale – 4.7%
Partagas Series D No.5
– A beautiful nutty aroma with a touch of spice and earthy notes of leather and cedar complement the subtle citrus notes of our flagship APA.

Watchkeeper’s Promise – Hefeweizen – 2.8%
H Upmann Magnum 54
– Named after the German Banker who left Germany in the 1840s to set up a cigar factory in Cuba. It’s a light to medium smoke that is as easy a smoke as Mad Yank’s traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen is to drink.

George – Coffee Milk Stout – 5.9%
Montecristo no. 2 Petit
– Rich and full flavoured classic cuban profile together with a smooth full flavoured classic stout? Boom! Just works.

a’oa’oa’o – Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate Pale – 4.0%
Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial
– Notes of graham cracker and earth flow together with the balanced tang and sweetness of this genre-crushing beer.  Yummy!

Ninja Pyjama – Blood Orange Mocha Stout – 5.0%
Punch “Punch Punch”
– The malt from this cigar just works with the zing from the blood orange and cream from the chocolate… “THIS all day long.”  (note: blood orange is tangy AF, so be prepared for the punch!)


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