British Imperial Stout


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Appearance: The Heart of Darkness
Aroma: Fresh Baked Bread, Caramel, Hint of Banana, No Monkey
Flavor: Fresh Squeezed Loafs of Bread, Rum, Coffee, Toffee, Raisins, Still No Monkey
Mouthfeel: Thicc ‘n Juicy, Velvety, Luscious


Phil and Dan from over at the Crafty Taproom in Marlow pitched us the idea of doing a warm, boozy, malty, caramel stout with a hint of bananas.  We’d sooner shove a banana up our nose than brew a beer with any.  HOWEVER…hefeweizen yeast produces an appreciable amount of the ester that gives bananas their distinct flavor, so we started the fermentation with just such a yeast. Then we added two more yeasts in succession to first give it a distinctly British stoutness and then a clean fermentation through to its final ABV.

Packaging: 330ml bottle
UK Units: 3.9
Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Lactose

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