Blood Orange Mocha Stout


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Vegan friendly!

It’s a stout by definition, but we’ve put it under the sour category to make sure anyone unfamiliar with blood orange (a very tart member of the orange family) doesn’t grab it expecting some kind of candied orange dessert beer.

Appearance: Black
Aroma: Orange, Coffee
Flavor: Blood Orange, Roasted Malts, Coffee, Hint of Chocolate
Mouthfeel: Soft, Smooth, Tart


I hear that a lot when I suggest new beer ideas.  This particular beer was inspired by a post of a rather sinful looking orange-chocolate-coffee creation we spied on one of our social media followers’ posts. The image pretty much demanded it be reincarnated as a stout.  Who are we to deny the will of the internet?

We are particularly fond of Blood Oranges for their natural combination of sweet and tart citrus notes, so we chose to go with them as the centerpiece of this incarnation.  A cold brewed Kenyan blend adds a touch of naturally sweet coffee flavor without overpowering the roasted barley notes, combined with a bit of vegan/non-dairy chocolate to tie it together.

Packaging: 330ml bottle
UK Units: 1.6
Allergens: Barley, Oats, Wheat


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