Coffee Milk Stout


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Appearance: Black
Aroma: Coffee, Roasted Malts
Flavor: Coffee, Bitter Chocolate, Vanilla, Sweet
Mouthfeel: Smooth


For those unfamiliar with our milk stout, “George“, it’s a beer that is very near and dear to our hearts. We bear our souls in every aspect of this venture and every beer we make, but this one stands above all for the very reason we named it such: because a very particular man, who stood to gain nothing by helping, chose to stand by us and support us every step of the way. This beer, which he helped shape, was a cornerstone of our humble launch just over a year ago, and gave us the support we needed to get started.
Now it’s time to give back.

George is one of a long line of black men and women who have stood by us in our lives. Before starting this venture, the two of us had lived in no less than 7 of the states that make up the US, visited and stayed in all but 2. In each and every one of them we bore witness to open and unabashed racism against POC. We have never stood idly by, and it has not always ended with civil discourse. The struggle that those who are physically identifiably in the minority is very, very real.

Black lives are not expendable. Black lives are not disposable.
Black Lives Matter.

Just saying it is a show of support, but for us that’s just a start. Without resources, any movement will at best remain a slogan in the public consciousness; at worst, it will fade into idealogical memory. Our resources may not be much, but what little we can muster we will put behind causes we believe in. The world may never be free of inequality, but if so it will not be because the good people of this world sat by and did nothing.

The Mad Yank Brewery will be donating 100% of the profits from this brew to two organizations that support equal rights for those who have been systematically oppressed:
– The Equal Justice Initiative, which fights against mass incarceration, excessive punishment, unfair bail practices, and on behalf of those denied due process and a fair trial
– Fair Fight, whose work is in promoting fair elections and access for *all* voters and preventing disenfranchisement of minority communities.

Packaging: 330ml bottle
UK Units: 1.9
Allergens: Barley, Oats, Lactose


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