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Dear Twitter: A Love Letter

Remember these?

Hi there Twitter®. No, not you, Twitter Users. No, not you either, Twitter Execs. I’m writing directly to the app.

I know I’ve been neglectful. I probably could have tried harder. Things got…complicated. We were both so young when we first met – has it really been a decade? We’ve both come a long way and I feel like we should reconnect.

I remember the moment we were introduced – 16 May, 2009. It was the night the NIN/JA concert came to Chula Vista. The weather was hot and dry, but the air was humid from the sweat of a few thousand concert goers.

Amidst a conversation about the some tamales and fish tacos at the venue with my new friend-for-life-perhaps-even-a-soulmate-even-if-we’d-only-just-met at the concert (I haven’t spoken to them since) showed me their BlackBerry®. They were looking up info for the next performer, seeing if any of them had a website of their own.

And then it happened. I saw Dave Navarro.

I was powerless to turn away from Dave[‘s Twitter feed].

Or, more accurately, I read one of his tweets.

You were pretty limited back then. No pictures, 140 character limitation, not even a decent retweet function. But curiosity had me. I can’t tell you what his stream said, it seems his account got suspended since then. I started to… I…

Um… Can we just go back to Dave again?

I don’t usually go for guys with tattoos and nipple rings, but I think I’d make an exception here. Just look at him. His skin care routine must take hours, he doesn’t have a single blemish!

What were we talking about? Twitter? Oh right, so yeah, I meant to spend more time with you, but after that night it was only a few short days before I moved to Japan, and you just weren’t a thing there. When I finally got back to the West, everything was different. You were different. You seem angrier now, and I want to reconnect, but not if I’m just going to be a lightning rod for your angst. I’ll trust you, though. I’ll give this a second chance.

Besides, you did turn me on to Dave. Unf, Dave…